Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where to Buy Subway Tile Backsplash For Your Kitchen

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen backsplash and want it to look beautiful while maintaining a cost effective plan then the subway tile backsplash is a great choice.  The subway tile has been around for a long time and it has been a popular choice by many.  It provides functionality with beauty and it is a great value for the money spent.  If you happen to be the type of person who likes to keep their kitchen sparkling and clean then it is important to have a nice backsplash for your kitchen space.

With the idea of renovating your kitchen, you also have to keep in mind of maintaining your budget.  We all have been there before staring at beautiful tiles at the hardware store and then realizing that most of the tiles were out of your budget.  And then we settle for a dull looking backsplash or cheap looking laminate.   It's just not how a kitchen renovation should be done!  Renovations are all about upgrades.

The kitchen backsplash can transform the feel of the entire room.  The colors you choose, the style of the tile you pick, and how it was installed.  The kitchen subway backsplash tile should be easy to lay and has little need for maintenance.  That is why it is important to have a backsplash in your kitchen because it requires little maintenance.   And the beauty of the subway tile backsplash is what makes it so popular among a number of people.  The mosaic style of using glass subway tiles has also become more popular today.  People are now mixing different colors of tiles and staying out of the norm.  So if you wish to experiment with different colors then feel free to do so.  You can plan out the different routes you want to take on paper before you decide to commit to a particular style or color of tile.

There are so many types of designs, colors, and styles to choose from when it comes to picking out what kind of subway tile you would like to purchase.  Having a large variety to choose from will make it easier to customize the look of your kitchen backsplash as well.  You can pick a frosted glass tile or even a glossy glass tile.  There are even different sizes in which you can choose from when it comes to subway tiles.  There is a longer subway tile that comes in a 1x6 size and even a slightly shorter size that comes in a 1x3 size.  And if you like to mix things up then you can also order custom made subway tile backsplash from certain companies.

So do you want to know where to buy subway tile backsplash mosaics for your kitchen?  One company that does custom made mosaic tiles is Susan Jablon Mosaics.  They are located in Upstate, New York and you can order custom made tiles from their website which will be packaged nicely and shipped to your doorstep.  If you are just looking for a single color set of tiles then there is a site called that offers good prices on their tiles and they offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Now that you know there is a huge list of subway tiles to choose from you should start to plan out how you want to renovate your kitchen.  Creating the perfect color scheme for your kitchen is very important as well because it ties everything together and helps the design flow as one.  If you decide to install your own subway tile backsplash yourself then a key ingredient to have is patience.  You want to prepare the area very well and mark out the spaces you want to lay your tile on so that way the process requires minimum effort.  A little bit of patience will help ensure that your subway tile backsplash turns out to be a beautiful and a useful piece in your kitchen.  With a touch of effort and creativity you can turn your kitchen into a space that brings you the right ambience to spend your time in.